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Super Slope Game

Ready to take control of your ball and drive it the farthest distance possible in Super Slope Game? Lots of obstacles and traps are ahead, so try your best to keep the ball on the track and earn your best scores.

How to play Super Slope Game

Super Slope Game tasks you with rolling and controlling a ball on an infinite track, which features lots of steep drops and dangerous turns. The ball runs endlessly, and your job here is to drive it as long as you can and earn the highest scores possible.

As with other titles in the Slope Game series, there are countless obstacles and steep drops ahead, making it a lot harder for you to keep the ball from falling off. So, be sure to dodge the obstructions. Perform well on drops to keep your ball balanced and stay on the racetrack.


Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your ball.

Press the right arrow key to move right.

Press the left arrow key to move left.

As the ball runs at quite a high speed while obstacles and steep drops are everywhere, try to stay focused on the moves of your ball and be ready to dodge all the obstructions and challenges ahead. This way, you will get so far on your racetrack. Also, don’t forget to collect as many gems as possible so you can unlock new balls and other tracks.


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