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Slope Multiplayer

If you're familiar with the gameplay of the Slope games, get ready for an even more challenging game – Slope Multiplayer. This game is designed for two players to compete against each other.

How to play Slope Multiplayer

You will take control of a rolling and bouncing ball in a mysterious 3D environment. Keep an eye on the ball as you navigate through the slopes and avoid obstacles that appear in your path. If your ball hits the neon balls, your game is over. Your main goal is to run as far as possible, striving for the highest score. To earn extra points, be sure to collect the blue gems scattered along your path.

Game Controls

On PC:

Use the WASD or arrow keys to control the ball’s movement.

On mobile devices:

Touch the screen to control the ball.


Like in other Slope games, Slope Multiplayer attracts players with its neon graphics and eye-catching design.

The ball’s speed increases as you progress through changing courses, adding excitement to the gameplay.

In Slope Multiplayer, players have the chance to encounter many obstacles, including killer walls, roadblocks, and treacherous pits.

Furthermore, enjoy an immersive experience in full-screen mode, completely immersing yourself in the thrilling adventure.

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