Are you a loyal fan of the Slope game series? If your answer is Yes, then is an ideal choice for you. Welcome to the thrilling Rolling Ball competition held in this unique and sloping city! This city is filled with various platforms that gradually slope, presenting a continuous challenge as you run. Success in the game requires your ability to swiftly react and maintain precise control.

So, without any hesitation, grab your ball and join the adventure in this competition!

How to play game

The rules of this slope game are quite simple. Your main objective is to guide a ball and roll it as far as possible. The ball will roll forward automatically, and your task is to navigate it left or right on the sloping terrain.


To steer the ball, all you need to do is use the A, D, or left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.


Endless game: is an infinite game. The number of levels in is endless. So, the further you go, the higher your score.

Impressive design: One of the most noticeable features of is its colorful animations and graphic design.

Compatible on both PCs and mobile devices: Players can play this game on both desktop and handheld devices.

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