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Slope Minecraft

Slope Minecraft is a 3D endless-space running game, offering players a vibrant experience filled with diverse obstacles.

Set against a futuristic neon backdrop, this casual platform game involves guiding a 3D ball downhill and navigating through platforms while avoiding perilous red obstacles.

How to play

Requiring only two buttons to alter the ball's direction—left and right. Holding the buttons induces noticeable changes, while quick presses enable subtle adjustments.

Maneuvering through red obstacles, be they walls, blocks, or pillars, demands precision. The thrill intensifies as tunnels offer significant speed boosts, challenging players to navigate increasingly tricky situations.

To initiate the game, click "PLAY," spawning a neon ball controlled by the left and right arrow keys. Gravity on tilted platforms complicates matters, especially as the ball's speed escalates over time.

A single mistake can result in the ball rolling off or shattering upon contact with red blocks.

Post-game, the final score is displayed, providing an opportunity to submit it for the leaderboard competition. Players can opt for another attempt by clicking "Again" or return to the home screen via the "Menu" button.


  • Left arrow = Move Left
  • Right arrow = Move Right

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