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Slope Extra

Slope Extra is an exciting rolling ball and racing game that challenges players to navigate through a treacherous course filled with obstacles and steep ramps. Your mission is to avoid these perilous challenges that could lead to a dramatic fall off a cliff.

How to play Slope Extra game

The key to success lies in maintaining perfect balance and focus throughout the thrilling journey. Stay alert and never let your guard down, as a single misstep could result in a disappointing outcome. Test your reflexes and skill as you embark on this adrenaline-pumping adventure, aiming for the highest score and a triumphant victory. With its fast-paced gameplay and addictive challenges, Slope Extra promises an exhilarating gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


  • Navigate through a challenging course with obstacles and steep ramps.
  • Test your reflexes and avoid falling off the cliff for a high score.
  • Experience fast-paced gameplay and thrilling challenges.
  • Aim for victory and become the ultimate Slope Extra champion.


Use intuitive controls to maneuver the rolling ball.


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