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Slope City

In Slope City, you will play as a ball rolling nonstop at high speed, trying to go as far as possible. While moving, don’t forget to earn as many gems as you can. Slope City is a thrilling speed-running game. It tasks the player with controlling a ball running nonstop on a racetrack taking place in the middle of a modern city.

The racetrack is infinite, and your job here is to drive the ball as far as you can to level up. Also, try to earn the highest scores possible by collecting gems along the way.

How to play Slope City

Use the arrow keys (or the A and D keys) on your keyboard to control your ball and keep it on the track.

Use the left arrow key, or the A key, to drive the ball to the left.

Use the right arrow key, or the D key, to drive the ball to the right.

The ball always rolls at a pretty high speed while there are lots of big obstacles appearing on the racetrack, so try your best to keep it from falling off or hitting any obstructions along the way.

Once the ball falls off the track or hits an obstacle, the game ends right away, and you have to start the game from the beginning.

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