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Subway Surfers Havana

Subway Surfers is a classic endless-running game set in the beautiful city of Havana. You take on the role of Jake, a surfer who attempts to flee from the sour inspector and his dog by surfing the subway. Run quickly through Havana's streets, avoiding any obstacles in your path, and gather all the gold coins. 

How to play

In this never-ending running game, you'll have to avoid obstacles like trains and trams in order to get as far as you can. Gather coins to unlock special equipment and power-ups that will enable you to advance farther each time. Coins can also be used to unlock new boards and characters. You can upgrade your hoverboards with new abilities and customize the characters with your keys. Remember to finish the awards, as you were given keys.

It is compatible with mobile networks and PCs. Launch the game right now to play it in fullscreen without downloading.


Using your keyboard: Left/right arrow - Move left/right Up arrow - Jump Down arrow - Roll Space - Activate hoverboard

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